What to Expect at Your Initial Consultation with Reinert and Reinert

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During your consultation with our lead Bankruptcy Attorney, Joshua Reinert, you can expect the following:

🕒 One-Hour Allocation: We allocate a full hour to discuss your financial concerns and provide comprehensive guidance.

📋 Review of Personal Finances: Joshua will review your financial situation to gain a clear understanding of your unique circumstances.

📜 Bankruptcy Options: You'll explore how the various bankruptcy options can help your financial situation.

👍 Recommendation: Joshua will will assess whether filing for bankruptcy is the right choice for you.

🏡 Asset and Property Protection:

Discover strategies to protect your assets and property during the bankruptcy process.

🏦 Mortgages and Auto Loans:

Discuss whether continuing to pay mortgages, auto loans, and

other financial obligations during bankruptcy makes sense.

🛡️ Protection from Creditors:

Understand how bankruptcy can shield you from creditors and halt collection activities.

🔄 Rebuilding Credit: Learn the steps to rebuild your credit post-bankruptcy, setting you on a path to financial stability.

Details of Your Bankruptcy


Joshua will guide you through the specifics of your bankruptcy

case, including:

📂 Required Documents: We'll outline the documentation needed to complete the bankruptcy process.

📚 Credit Counseling Classes:

Discuss the mandatory credit counseling classes and their importance.

🗂 Meetings and Hearings:

Understand what to expect during the meetings of creditors and hearings.

💰 Costs and Payment Plans: We're transparent about the costs, legal fees, and flexible payment plans.

Don't let financial challenges hold you back. Take the first step towards financial recovery by scheduling your free consultation with Joshua Reinert at Reinert and Reinert today!

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